MVBA 2017 Calendar
Get some great hands-on training, stop by the MVBA Hives  1 1/4 hours before each regularly scheduled association meetings, weather permitting.  Protective gear required.
Topic Speakers
February 6 Welcome Back and Updates
March 6 Bee Removal from Structures Michael Buchanan
 April 3 Assessing and Treating Varroa Mites Hannah Whitehead
 May 1 The OSBA Hive Assessment Tool Bucket Alex Zomchek
June 5 Raising Queens Peggy Garnes
July 10  Roundtable Discussion
August 6 Public Honey Harvest
 September 11 Developing Pollinator Friendly Landscapes Michele Colopy
 October 2 TBA
November 6 MVBA Carry-In Potluck and Elections