MVBA 2023 Calendar
Topic Speakers
February No Meeting
March 7 10 Myths of Beekeeping
Share your beeyard gadgets!
Fran Davidson
Master Beekeeper
 April 3 Spring Splits &
Running a Bee Business
Michelle Huskins
 May 1 Propolis: The Gold in the Hive Jeannie Saum
June 5 No Meeting
July 10 Marketing Your Honey


Mark Beougher
OSBA Traveling Speaker
August 7 Honey Extraction All
 September 11 Honeybee Anatomy Dr. Robyn Underwood
Penn State Extension Educator
 October 2 What to Expect When Your Hives are Inspected Barb Bloetscher
Apiarist/Entomologist ODA
November 6 Last Meeting This Year – Board Elections and Raffle No Speaker