Swarm Removal List

Click here for a list of beekeepers who will take swarms MVBA Swarm List 2024

If you encounter a swarm of honeybees, we have several members that will safely remove them and provide them a new home.

Time is of the essence!

Have answers to the following questions when you call:

  • WHO:  Please provide your name, address and callback number.
  • WHAT:  Are you sure they’re honeybees?  Take photos of the swarm with your
    cell phone to send to the person you contact.
  • WHEN:  How long have the bees been in their present location?
  • WHERE:  What is the address where they are located? Are they on your property?
    If not, whose property are they on?
  • HOW MANY:  What size is the swarm ball – like a softball? basketball? beachball?
  • HOW HIGH: How high off the ground are they?  Are they in a tree or bush?
    Can the tree or shrub limb be cut if necessary?